Company registration in Curacao

Curaçao may appear as a suitable jurisdiction for establishing a business operating worldwide. 

The country has a quite diversified economy with an emphasis on tourism, services, financial sectors, and gambling. 

The local state bodies take steps for making Curaçao attractive for various kinds of investments.


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Private Limited Liability Company (BV)

This structure allows shareholders to run a corporate entity on their behalf, with their liability limited to the entity's operations. Notably, there's no set chartered capital required and no prior approvals needed for registration.

Public Limited Liability Company (NV)

At least one natural or legal individual can establish this entity. The stipulated chartered capital stands at a minimum of AWG 50,000, with an upfront payment of 20% due upon incorporation. Some activities may mandate a higher chartered capital. Here, shareholder liability is constrained to their invested funds. An NV has the capability to publicly offer its shares, making it ideal for raising additional capital.

Private Fund

Crafted to safeguard assets, this formation isn't meant for entrepreneurial activities. It's notable for its beneficial tax stipulations.

General Partnership

In this setup, partners shoulder unlimited liability concerning the partnership's activities. In some scenarios, a partner's personal assets might be requisitioned to cover potential losses.

Limited Partnership

Here, there are two kinds of partners – (i) general partners, who are actively involved in managing the business and bear unlimited liability, and (ii) limited partners, whose liability is confined to their invested amount.

Registration Requirements and Steps


Business objectives

Establishing business objectives for operations in Curaçao and internationally.


Gathering information

Gathering information on founders, beneficial owners, and the management of the proposed entity.



Arranging the registered office.


Documents of the Company

Creating and finalizing the foundational documents for the upcoming business entity.



Compiling and submitting the necessary documentation for registration.



Registering for tax and social security obligations.


Bank account

Opening a corporate bank account.


Curacao Gaming Licence

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