Obtaining Curacao Gambling License in 2023

2023 Update on Curacao Licence Regulations from  12.07.2023

Starting from September 1, 2023, Curacao sub-licenses will no longer be renewed, which means if your company has one, it won’t be valid. But don’t worry, we have a great alternative license that is quite similar to Curacao.

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First and foremost, getting licensed gives operators peace of mind that they can do business without having to worry about legal repercussions.


Securing a license aids in promoting a transparent iGaming environment, challenging misconceptions and fostering a just gaming sector.


With a license in hand, your casino becomes an attractive partner for software and payment service providers, as many prioritize licensed operators over unlicensed ones.

Choose the right packages for your business

License & Platform

Everything you need to start your gaming operation.
White-label platform + Licence
Setup fee. On Request
  • Curaçao License
  • Curaçao Company
  • Payment methods
  • Indication EU Banks
  • WhiteLabel Platform

Full License

Your licensed gaming operation
with a complete corporate structure.
Setup fee. On Request
  • Curaçao License
  • Curaçao Company
  • Payment methods
  • Indication EU Banks
  • Business Consulting

Basic License

Have your website licensed
and able to process automatic payments
Setup fee. On Request
  • Curacao Gaming License
  • Curaçao Company
  • Payment methods
  • Customer Support

Curacao Casino License Requirements

Curacao Company

A company must be properly set up and acknowledged within the legal parameters of the jurisdiction. Any online gaming enterprise aiming to operate should be officially registered in Curacao, along with a valid physical address.

Local Representative

Having a local representative is essential. Pursuing a Curacao gambling license without such a representative is ineffective. If finding a representative is problematic, an option is to appoint a local resident as the managing director.

Detailed Game Descriptions

When seeking licenses or permissions to operate online gaming platforms, especially in jurisdictions like Curacao, it's essential that applicants provide thorough and detailed descriptions of the games they wish to offer.

Web Platform Regulations

Curacao's governing agencies mandate clear guidelines on how a company's website should operate. Given the international scope of online platforms, securing a license in Curacao demands strict compliance with responsible gaming standards.

Proof of Domain Ownership

The distinctive web address or domain name of your gaming portal must be legally under your company's ownership. This proof is vital during the licensing procedure.

In-jurisdiction Physical Server

Those aiming for a license must host a physical server, essentially a high-capacity computer in a data center, within Curacao's boundaries.

Technical Audit

Those seeking a license should provide a technical review of each gaming software they use. This review, ideally from an accredited testing body, confirms the software's compliance with remote gambling and software norms.

AML Protocols Implimentation

Implementing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) measures is non-negotiable. Applicants should detail their AML strategies, especially as they pertain to individual players.

RNG Certificate Submission

Possessing a Random Number Generator Certificate is crucial. This certificate guarantees the unbiased and random nature of results in games, assuring the transparency and fairness of payouts. Operating casinos or those about to start must have this certification.

Our process


Registration of a legal entity in Curacao

Before you can apply for a gambling license in Curacao, you must have a registered legal entity within the jurisdiction. This ensures that your business operations are anchored in Curacao and are subject to its laws and regulations.


Appointment of a Local Company Representative

A director is responsible for the company’s operations and ensures compliance with Curacao’s regulations. The director’s personal and financial data are crucial for background checks and to establish the credibility of the business.


Appointment of a Local Company Representative

Having a local representative ensures that there’s a point of contact within Curacao. This representative can liaise with the licensing authority, handle local matters, and ensure that the company remains compliant with local regulations.


Assistance in the Preparation and Collection of Documents, Filing an Application for a License

The licensing process is rigorous and requires a comprehensive set of documents to evaluate the suitability of the applicant. Proper preparation and presentation of these documents can expedite the licensing process.

With a Curacao Gambling License, you not only gain access to a multitude of international markets but also benefit from favorable tax structures and a robust regulatory framework that assures player trust.

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